Hello Everybody! My name is Anisha! I am 27 years old and I was born and raised in New Jersey right in the middle of NYC and Philadelphia. I have been married for 2 years now to the love of my life. The only man I have ever dated, and started dating my freshman year of college! This year we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary of being together! (I have never felt so old!) I live in South Florida now and have 2 wonderful fur babies. A beautiful Black Lab Mix, Cairo, whom I adopted in 2011 a week after my college graduation (I didn’t have patience to wait for him to come into my life!). I also have an orange tabby cat, Nyla, who came with my husband when we got married =) She is a firecracker and a total 9 lb bully to Cairo but we love her just the same <3.  

I have a deep passion for cooking and trying new things! I come from a family who loves to cook, so I was always exposed to new recipes and cooking techniques growing up! It was not until I graduated college and really had time to spend in the kitchen that my true passion for cooking really blossomed. Ever since then, I have tried to learn as much as I possibly could about all sorts of different types of cuisines and ingredients! My family is originally from India so a lot of my exposure growing up was to Indian food, but I can tell you for the whole first year of my marriage I did not cook even one single Indian dish. I was too intimidated! I always loved changing things up and cooking in all sorts of cuisines.

I am a strict vegetarian which means no animals at all chicken and fish included (I never understood why some people don’t consider chickens or fish animals??) I was raised vegetarian, but even if I had not been, I would still be vegetarian now. I love animals way too much when they are alive. =) I don’t think that I am missing out on anything by not eating meat. When I was 22 years old I developed a serious allergy to bananas, avocados and kiwi’s, all of them are in the latex family. So unfortunately as healthy as they are, and as much as I used to love them, you will not be seeing any of those in any of my recipes. But that’s okay because it’s been a few years now, and I have developed my own versions of trendy recipes that involve, bananas and avocados! =)

I also have a deep passion for photography! I wanted a way to combine my love of cooking and my love and photography, and starting a food blog seemed to be the most obvious answer! =)

I hope you will join me on my cooking adventure while I explore all sorts of techniques, cuisines and vegetarian recipes! 


Cairo (my baby boy), Me, and my Husband =)


 If you would like to contact me directly, please fill out the form below! =)

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